Art Winners 2010


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There were a few art competetors who ventured to Carrollton on April 24. Most artwork was shuttled to Carrollton with music competetors. The photo captures seven students who stayed until the end of the music competition to receive awards with Governor Walden and Foundation Chair Dewey Smith. We will caption the names as soon as we figure out who's who? Scholarships were awarded in the juried art show totalling $ 7,500. The "Best in Show" artwork and scholarship of $ 3,500 was awarded to Jenalee Parrish, twelfth grader at Tift County High School. Ms. Parrish was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Tifton. First Place, and scholarship of $ 2,500 was awarded to John Jennings, eleventh grader from Gainesville High School. Mr. Jennings was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Gainesville. Second Place, and scholarship fo $ 1,000 was awarded to timothy Hunt, tenth grader from Lasiter High School. Mr. Hunt was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of East Cobb County. Third Place, and scholarsip of $ 500 was awarded to Coreen Face, twelfth grader from Campbell High School. Ms. Face was sponsored by the Smyrna Golden K.