Kiwanis Bowl Poem

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This October and November when the leaves are turning red,
I arise in the AM when I'd rather be in bed.
I put on my Kiwanis shirt and my old Kiwanis cap.
Out the door I go at daylight as I give my dog a pat.
Cause there's a field to set up, a play-by-play to call.
Carrollton's coming to Kiwanis, and they want to play some ball.

The seven year old knuckleheads with sleepy coachs in their tow,
Their mothers, uncles, cousins, double step dads, all their kinfolks have to go.
They fuss and pay their money, buy a ticket and a shirt.
Some have the money, some do it though it hurts to part with dollars.
But it's for Kiwanis,
A good cause that makes a difference for our kids.
Thirty times our Club has done this.
Thirty years for boys and girls,
Never thinking it a bother or a waste.
The dollars that it raises and the joys
it brings the families' faces
for thirty years of girls and boys.
Nows the time Kiwanis rallies and supports the fabled Bowl.
Nows the time to sign for service to meet our Club's fundraising goal.

I'll be there with double bells on and I know that you will too.
The fun we have is incidental, when you know the good we do.

Sign up for the Kiwanis Bowl.
See Bill Dees, Derick Newton or Joey Key.
Greg Davis, pp Carrollton Kiwanis