June 19 2009

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Guests June 19, 2009 Stephen Whitlock - Stephen Whitlock, Director of Residence Life at UWG, joined us for lunch. Sponsored by Bob Watkins, he is a prospective member. Lee Koepke - Colonel Dugan brought prospective member Lee Koepke. Lee , employed by RaLin, was a five year Kiwanian in Kissimmee Floroida. He and his wife, Tammy own Real Deals, a home decor store oat 1115 Bankhead Highway. Camille Yahm - Stuart Yahm brought a date tot he meeting. Her name is Camille. She will be heard on Ga Public Radio relating a story from her life experiience. His date is by the way, also his wife. Come back to see us, Camille. Blair Lipham - Luke Lipham invited daughter Blair. Nine year old Blair loves to swim and will be in the fourth grade at Oak Mountain Academy.