July 17 2009

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Guests July 17, 2009


Andrea Kinlock -Derick Newton and Mike Washington brought prospective member Andrea Kinlock; owner of AJK Solutions. Married to husband Joon, Andrea is mother of three children: Terrell, Kenyatta, and Nyima.

Janet Sabo - Jeremy Sabo brought guest and wife- Janet. Janet is off for the summer so Jeremy is elated to have more time with his bride.p>

Metro Atlanta Inter-Club - We were blessed with an interclub visit form the Metro Atlanta Club. Joining us were charter member Norman Johnson, Ron Reed, Chuck Hood, Elaine Hood, and John Holley.

Charis Sampson - Brian Hager brought daughter Sargeant Charis Sampson. Charis, here for the induction of her dad, just returned from a year's duty in Germany. Charis , while serving in Afghanistan, created teh medical training program for the Afghan National Police.