Feb 13 2009

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February 13, 2009

We welcomed back Stuart Yahm, having recently recovered from exploratory surgery;  and Susan Manion Galloway was working in Newnan.  They're both looking great.

John McDaniel was a real proud dad sitting with son Connor (guest of club) and twin daughters Olivia and Victoria.  Olivia and Victoria are in the 5th grade, play basketball, are beautiful and smart and love their dad.

We welcomed a fine group of young men from the Boy Scouts of America:  Ben Rothschadl, Trey Patuka, Asher Van Zanten, quinn van Zauten, Sam Anderson, adn Connor McDaniel.

Brian Maxwell brough Matt Plemmons, Southwire's director of the 12 for Life program.  Matt has submitted his application.  thanks Brian, for bringing him our way.

Fred Richards brought his friend of 40 years, Dr. Dave Welch.  Dave, now retired, is an author, educator, and psychologist.