May 25, 2018
Update on Project Eliminate
Jun 01, 2018
Jun 08, 2018
University of West Georgia Updates
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Executives & Directors
Foundation Treasurer
Past President
Martha Boyce - Women's Shelter
Martha Boyce presented an update on the Women's Emergency Shelter to the Carrollton Kiwanis Club on Friday, April 20, 2018 at Sunset Hills Country Club.
photo:  Martha Boyce and Angie McDaniel, Kiwanis President
April Milestones
April Birthdays
10   Dan Lewis
11   Blair Fox Watkins
25   Robert Carter
April Anniversaries
01   Lok & Sabrina Lew Yan Voon
02   Luke Lipham & Suzanne Durham
18   Patrick & Nicole Dillon
21   Jeremy & Suzy McCorkel
21   Stuart & Camille Yahm
24   Matt & Melanie Clay
And the Nominations are Closed !
The nominating committee (of Joe Bell, Jay Willis, Will Ozier, Jim Collins, and Randy Miller) placed the following names in nomination:
Board of Directors 2017-2019
Javeese Smith
Blair Watkins
Dale Williams
Board of Directors 2018-2020
Dr. Lok
W.H. Smith
Johnny Tanner
The committee thanked the Directors who have finished the two year term:
Bill Erickson
Paul McDaniel
Bob Reeves
President Terry Langley
President-Elect Cathy Farley
Vice-President Clint Backstrom
Secretary  Jenny Ingram
Treasurer  Jeremy Sabo
Foundation Treasurer Joe Bell
Madison Reed -  Col. Frank Jones Scholarship
Madison Reed thanked the Kiwanis Club on Friday , April 20, 2018.  She is the recipient of the Kiwanis Scholarship given in memory of Col. Frank Jones.
photo:  Angie McDaniel, Kiwanis President;  Madison Reed;  Nichole Fannin, UWG Executive Director of Development
Herald's Report  - May 18

Let the visitor beware -
for Dr. Fred Richards
Introduces guests

with a FLARE !!!

May 18, 2018
Julia Ingram  -  Jenny Ingram brought daughter Julia.  We love Julia and were excited to hear she has already entered fifth grade.  She wants us to know her Scotties, Dallas and Wilson, are happy, and Dalls has healed from sugery.
Tim WarreN shared the news that he is now granddad to three grandchildren.
Renee Deese with Customer Service at the Carrollton Center for the Arts joined us to receive f rot eh CCA a Kiwanis contribution.
Peter Maierhofer and John Layng frOm the Carrollton Parks and Recreation also share lunch and received a Kiwanis contribution.  Peter is Director of the Parks and Recreation Department and John is Assistant Superintended of Athletics .
The Nifty Fifty Fifty Club Raffle
Our foundation treasurer, Joe Bell, put another card to rest.  The pot climbs to $873 and 34
cards remain. 
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